Appendix B

HEXBIN Error Messages

B.1 Conversion Errors:

Conversion errors apply to the consistency of Intel-HEX file and program options. If one of these errors is detected, it is flagged on the console, and HEXBIN is aborting with exit code 1:

Error MessageMeaning
checksum error Checksum is not correct.
data after EOF record Type 0 records after type 1 record.
file length out of range /LENGTH option makes file too large.
fill-byte out of range /FILL option defines byte value > 255.
hex file format error Certainly no Intel-HEX file.
illegal hex digit Character is no valid hex digit.
illegal record type Record type is none of 0 or 1.
invalid record length Record length doesn't match the record.
multiple EOF records More than one type 1 record.
no data records found File doesn't contain any type 0 records.
no EOF record found File ends without a type 1 record.
offset out of range /OFFSET option makes file too large.
record exceeds FFFFH Address space wrap around in record.
record exceeds file length/LENGTH option made file too short.

Only DOS command line options are mentioned above for simplification. Under Linux, they have to be replaced by the corresponding Linux options.

B.2 Runtime Errors:

Runtime errors are operational errors, or I/O errors. If one of these errors is detected, it is flagged on the console, and HEXBIN is aborting with exit code 2:

Error MessageMeaning
access denied No privilege for attempted operation.
ambiguous option name Not enough characters specified.
argument missing Option requires an argument.
device or resource busy Attempt to write to a busy device. (Linux)
disk full No more free disk space.
disk write-protected Attempt to write to a write-protected disk.
drive not ready Disk drive is off, or no media mounted.
duplicate file name Attempt to overwrite an input or output file.
fatal I/O error General (unknown) disk or device I/O error.
file not found Intel-HEX file not found. (DOS/Windows)
illegal option syntax Option is not correctly specified.
invalid argument Option has an illegal argument.
no input file There is no file name in the command line.
no such file or directoryIntel-HEX file not found. (Linux)
not a directory Path contains a non-directory name. (Linux)
path not found Disk or directory not found. (DOS/Windows)
too many open files No more free file handles.
too many parameters More than two file names have been specified.
unknown option Option is not implemented.

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