III.3 Constants

Numeric constants consist of a sequence of digits, followed by a radix specifier. The first character must always be a decimal digit. The legal digits and radix specifiers are:

constantdigits radix
binary 0 ... 1B
octal 0 ... 7Q or O
decimal 0 ... 9D or none
hex 0 ... FH

Thus, for example, the following constants are equivalent:

1111111B      binary
    177Q      octal
    177o      octal
     127      decimal
    127d      decimal
    07FH      hex

Character constants may be used wherever a numeric value is allowed. A character constant consists of one or two printing characters enclosed in single or double quotes. The quote character itself can be represented by two subsequent quotes. For example:

 'X'       8 bit constant:       58H
"a@"      16 bit constant:     6140H
''''       8 bit constant:       27H

In DB statements, character constants may have any length. In this case, we call it a character string. For example:

'This is only text!'

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