The Intel OMF-51 Format

Intel has published a detailed specification of their OMF-51 object module format. The last version 5.0 has been released in September 1982. Since OMF-51 has always been an open standard, the document is still available in various text formats from several sites:

DownloadSizeFormat Title / Description / NotesMirrors
omf51.exe 43 kB MS Word 2.0 original self-extracting archive from Intel  ¹ 25 kB same content as above (ZIP-compressed)
omf51.doc 80 kB MS Word 6.0 available from:
omf51eps.pdf 160 kB PDF 1.3 a pretty good conversion to PDF 1.3  
89 kB
76 kB
80 kB
PDF 1.2
PDF 1.2
PDF 1.5
more conversions to PDF are available from:
cvrltr51.htm 2 kB HTML 4.01 Generic Cover Letter for MCS-51 OMF EPS
omf51eps.htm 88 kB External Product Specification for the MCS-51 Object Module Format

Hint:   Linux users can open the MS Word documents with LibreOffice.

¹)  Intel has recently discontinued support for the MCS-51 family.


Last revised:   W.W. Heinz,   January 15, 2022