III.1 Statements

Source files consist of a sequence of statements of one of the forms:

[symbol:]  [instruction [arguments]]     [;comment]

 symbol     instruction  argument        [;comment]

$control   [(argument)]                  [;comment]

Everything that is written in brackets is optional.
The maximum length of source code lines is 255 characters.
Everything from the ';' character to the end of line is assumed to be commentary. Blank lines are considered to be commentary, too.
The lexical elements of a statement may be separated by blanks and tabs.
Aside of character string constants, upper and lower case letters are equivalent.


    HERE:   MOV A,#0FFH     ;define label HERE and load A with FFH

            YEAR EQU 2002   ;define symbol for current year

    $INCLUDE (80C517.MCU)   ;include SAB80C517 register definitions

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