II.1.9 The Win32 Console-Mode Assembler ASEMW

In principle, the DOS assemblers ASEM and ASEMX are also running in the Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP DOS-Box, but with some typical DOS-specific limitations: file names are restricted to the 8.3 format, path strings are limited to 64 characters, the real-mode assembler cannot access more than 640 kB RAM, and DOS support is getting worse and worse with every new Windows version.
To overcome these disadvantages, the ASEM-51 package comes with the new Win32 console-mode assembler ASEMW.EXE. ASEMW is functionally identical to ASEM, but it can handle long file names and benefits of the Win32 memory management, which allows to assemble astronomically large programs!

Hint: If you love file names with blanks in the middle, you have to enclose them in double quotes, e.g.
ASEMW "Test-Program for my 80C32 Evaluation-Board.a51"

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