II.1 DOS and Windows Implementation

Until version 1.2, ASEM-51 was available in a real-mode implementation for plain MS-DOS only. Meanwhile a DOS protected-mode version and a Win32 console mode version have been added to the package.
In contrast to the new Linux implementation, all the DOS and Windows flavours are functionally identical and their basic operation can therefore be described together. Only a few minor differences and special features have to be discussed separately.
Since it should be possible to share program sources with the Linux version, all DOS and Windows executables are able to read ASCII files in both DOS and UNIX format, but write ASCII files in their native (DOS) format only.

  1. Files
  2. Installation under MS-DOS or Windows
  3. DOS Command Line Operation
  4. DOS Environment
  5. Running ASEM-51 in the Borland-IDE
  6. Running ASEM-51 from Windows 3.1x
  7. Running ASEM-51 from BRIEF
  8. The DOS Protected-Mode Assembler ASEMX
  9. The Win32 Console-Mode Assembler ASEMW
  10. The HEXBIN Utility

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