II.2.1 Files

Your ASEM-51 distribution archive for Linux should contain the following groups of files:

1.)     asem_51.doc      ASEM-51 User's Manual, ASCII format
docs.htm index file of the ASEM-51 documentation, HTML format
*.htm further pages of the HTML documentation
*.gif GIF images referenced by HTML pages
*.jpg JPEG images referenced by HTML pages
asem     assembler (Linux 386)
asem.1   man-page for asem
hexbin     hex-to-binary conversion utility (Linux 386)
hexbin.1   man-page for hexbin
demo.a51 a sample 8051 assembler program
*.mcu processor definition files of 8051 derivatives
(for a detailed list of MCU files see chapter "VI. Support of 8051 Derivatives")

2.)     boot51.doc       BOOT-51 User's Manual, ASCII format
boot51.htm index file of the BOOT-51 documentation, HTML format
boot51.a51 BOOT-51 assembler source (for ASEM-51 V1.3 and up)
customiz BOOT-51 customization utility (Linux 386)
customiz.1 man-page for customiz
boot  shell script for application program upload
boot.1 man-page for boot
upload called by boot only (generic version)
upload.new "new" upload (optimized for stty 2.0 or later)
reset51 program to reset target system via PC ports
reset51.1 man-page for reset51
blink.a51 sample test program for BOOT-51

3.)     README.1ST      quick information, ASCII format
license.doc ASEM-51 License Agreement, ASCII format
release.130 ASEM-51 Release Notes, ASCII format
support.doc ASEM-51 Support Guide, ASCII format
install.sh creates a proper ASEM-51 installation under Linux
uninst51.sh deletes all files of the ASEM-51 package (Linux)

The first group contains all files directly associated with the assembler. The second group contains all files directly associated with the bootstrap program. The third group contains general support and documentation files that apply to the whole package.

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