II.2 Linux Implementation

Until version 1.2, ASEM-51 was available for MS-DOS only.
To get rid of the original DOS "look and feel", many interfaces to the operating system had to be modified or rewritten, e.g. command line processing, console I/O, file handling, UNIX environment, and memory management. Furthermore, the general behaviour of the programs had to be adapted to UNIX conventions. A certain rest of DOS flavour may still be remaining though.
On the other hand, the Linux binaries are able to read ASCII files in both DOS and UNIX format. However, ASCII files are always written in UNIX format.
All these differences make it necessary to describe the Linux implementation in a separate section!

  1. Files
  2. Installation under Linux
  3. Linux Command Line Operation
  4. Linux Environment
  5. The HEXBIN Utility

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