II.1.6 Running ASEM-51 from Windows 3.1x

Of course ASEM and ASEMX are running fine in the Windows 3.1x DOS-Box! But for integration into the Windows 3.1x desktop, the files ASEM.PIF and ASEM.ICO have been provided. To insert ASEM-51 into a group of the Program Manager, perform the following steps:

  • Be sure that ASEM-51 has been installed properly for MS-DOS as described before.
  • Start Windows 3.1x and expand the Program Manager window to its full screen size representation, if necessary.
  • Focus the program group in which ASEM-51 is to be inserted, e.g. "Applications".
  • Click from the Program Manager menu bar:    File | New
  • When the "New Program Object" dialog box is active, choose the option "Program Item", and click the OK button.
  • Now the "Program Item Properties" dialog box should be active.
    Fill in the following items:
    Description:          ASEM-51
    Command Line:         ASEM.PIF
    Working Directory:                  (whatever you want)
    Shortcut Key:                       (whatever you want)
    Run Minimized:        [ ]
    Then press the [Change Icon] button.
  • Now a message box appears with the error message "There are no icons available for the specified file". Simply press the OK button.
  • The "Change Icon" dialog box should be displayed now. Fill in
    File Name:      ASEM.ICO
    and press the OK button. Now the ASEM-51 icon should be displayed in the icon field. Press the OK button again.
  • When returned to the "Program Item Properties" dialog box, press the OK button.

(In national Windows versions, things may look slightly different.)

Now ASEM.EXE can be invoked by simply double-clicking the ASEM-51 icon. After entering the program parameters in a corresponding dialog box, ASEM is running in a DOS window, which remains open after program termination, to let you have a look on the error messages.

In principle, the installation of the protected-mode assembler ASEMX.EXE can also be done as described above. However, the <Description> field should be filled with "ASEM-51 XMS", the <Command Line> should be "ASEMX.PIF", and the icon <File Name> should be ASEMX.ICO instead.

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