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If you have found a bug in ASEM-51, need support, or want to send proposals, comments or greetings, write to

However, it becomes more and more difficult to extract serious user mails from an increasing flood of spam! You can help me a lot with a clearly ASEM-51-related subject. Please send all e-mail as plain ASCII text, written in English or German. If you add attachments, please send them in compressed form and keep them as small as possible. I will not reply to

  • mails with silly or no subject
  • mails written in unknown languages
  • mails with strange encoding
  • mails with proprietary character sets
  • mails with infected attachments
  • HTML and Word mails

Since 99.9% of those mails are spam, they will be deleted immediately.
(I will not spend hours deciphering bullshit like that!)

Thanks in advance.

Last revised:   W.W. Heinz,   July 11, 2013