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Version 1.3 Beta 3

MS-DOS Windows   ASEM-51 V1.3 Beta 3, DOS/Windows,584 kB
  Linux   ASEM-51 V1.3 Beta 3, Linux, tar format,321 kB
ASEM-51 V1.3 Beta 3, Linux, rpm package,351 kB

... and always be sure to get the latest bugs and fixes! (smile)
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What's new since Version 1.2 ?

  • new host platforms: Win32 and Linux
  • macro processing
  • dramatically improved conditional assembly
  • output in Intel-HEX or OMF-51 format
  • 37 new MCU files
  • documentation in both ASCII and HTML format
  • numberless small extensions and improvements
  • bug fixes
For details see the ASEM-51 Release Notes.  

Copyright © 1994, 1996, 2001   by   W.W. Heinz

Last revised:   January 3, 2011